Cliff's compositions are available for licensing

When it comes to music, Cliff would quickly say that songwriting is his favorite part. He’s always glad to perform his songs personally and he sells CDs and downloads, but he’s just as happy to hear others perform and record his works. People like Larry Sparks, who recorded “Lines on the Highway;” Cherryholmes, who performed “Big Wheels Rolling Home” on a nationally distributed television show or Maggie Mae, who recorded and still performs “Crying on the Breeze,” “Without You” and “I’m Here to Get My Heart Broke.” Then, there’s long-time radio personality Big Al Weekley who co-wrote and recorded “Reflections of My Life” and included a cut of Kevin Prater singing Cliff’s “Ode to Billy Big Rigger” on his CD. 

If you’re looking for music for your next project or just need chords and lyrics for something you’re working up, message using the "contact" form, email or call Cliff at 205-229-7619.