Cliff Abbott - Singer-Songwriter

For many years, Cliff’s musical endeavors took a back seat to his career in the trucking industry. Whether he was on the road or in the office, the hours were long and there was little time for pursuit of a musical career. Family came first. Songs were written, many to be lost and forgotten as the family moved for better career opportunities.

The kids grew up and Cliff found more time for music. In his mid-40's and while living in Wisconsin, he bought his first upright bass, scouring the Internet for lessons and tips. He quickly became proficient enough to perform publicly. Along with close friend Jerry Masephol, he formed the Gospel Bluegrass duo Sons of the One (or SOTO), playing festivals and venues in the upper Midwest and recording an album containing several of Cliff's original songs. For several years, he also played bass for Maggie Mae and the Heartland Country Band, a regional favorite. Maggie recorded three of Cliff's original songs.

After a 2006 move to Alabama, Cliff played upright bass in several local and regional bluegrass bands, including favorites like the Uplander Singing Band, Blackrock Station and Cottonmouth Creek, and was frequently seen filling in with other bands. In 2011, bluegrass legend Larry Sparks recorded a song Cliff co-wrote with radio host Big Al Weekley for his "Almost Home" album.

Occasionally, Cliff made studio recordings of his works, sending a few to performers who recorded them. He dreamed of taking his songwriting a step further and began working in earnest on his performance skills to better present his own musical creations. Still, he's a songwriter first and makes all of his songs available for recording by others.

Since 2014, Cliff has introduced six collections of his original music including two bluegrass-themed albums, a Gospel collection and, most recently, three singer-songwriter styled albums with minimal instrumentation.

Now retired from the trucking industry, he keeps his creativity alive as a journalist for The Trucker Media Group and, of course, songwriting and performing. He appears regularly on the Dee Ford Show, WOTM TV throughout Alabama and has been the featured songwriter at the Music on the Mountain series at the Mentone Arts Center in Mentone, Alabama. He mentors aspiring songwriters through the Sugar Creek SongCrafters, who meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Sugar Creek Music Club in Hayden, Alabama.