It’s hard to pin a label on Cliff’s songwriting and performing style. Maybe it's "Lyrical Storyteller." Heavily influenced by songwriting legends from country, folk, bluegrass and more, he learned early that a good song is felt as much as it is heard. “A song is a story,” Cliff says, “and every good story has a way of bringing out our emotions.”

Cliff’s voice is as honest as his songwriting. Earthy and unvarnished, he sings the way he writes, with a visceral touch that brings the characters in his songs to life in the mind of the listener. At heart, however, he's a songwriter. All of his songs are available for recording by other artists. 

Cliff’s songs are story songs, and a live performance (or a listen to one of his CDs) can be described as a ride on an emotional roller-coaster. Whatever the genre label, Cliff's music is unique and his style memorable.

Cliff appears often at the Sugar Creek Music Club in Hayden, Alabama and is a regular guest on the Dee Ford Show on WOTM TV in Sylacauga, Alabama. He's been the featured Songwriter at the Music on the Mountain series at the Mentone Arts Center in Mentone, Alabama and can be found at venues and festivals throughout Alabama.

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