Waiting On a Train

by Cliff Abbott

Released 2014
Released 2014
All original Gospel songs performed by the writer.
Most of these unique and original Gospel songs were drawn from the writer's personal experiences. Jesus said we were to take up our cross and follow Him; "I Should Have Carried the Cross" examines what it might have been like to refuse the opportunity to carry HIS. Several songs touch on the inevitability of death - and the wonderful eternity that awaits beyond. 'Here Come the Clouds" pokes at the scoffers, and "The Guitar in the Corner" chronicles a miraculous conversion by a close, personal friend of the writer. "What a Happy Morning" is pure praise, as is "Victory." Advice on getting our priorities in order is offered in "First Things First," while "Miracles" is a tearful plea from a lost soul on the edge of salvation. Wherever you are in your Christian walk, there's a song in this collection that meets you there.