My Alabama Home

by Cliff Abbott

Released 2014
Released 2014
Original "Americana" songs of life and love performed by the writer in his own unique style.
It’s hard to pin a label on the “style” of Cliff’s songwriting and performing. Heavily influenced by country greats like Tom T. Hall, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash as well as rock / folk writers like Bob Dylan and “father of bluegrass” Bill Monroe, he learned early that a good song is felt as much as it is heard. “A song is a story,” Cliff says, “and every good story has a way of bringing out our emotions.”
Cliff’s voice is as honest as his songwriting. Earthy and unvarnished, he sings the way he writes, with a visceral touch that brings the characters in his songs to life in the mind of the listener.
Cliff’s songs are story songs, and a live performance (or a listen to one of his CDs) is a ride on an emotional roller-coaster. His collection “My Alabama Home,” for example, takes the listener from laughing at an ungrateful wife or a man resisting the change brought about by a new relationship to the tearful tragedy of love died young, a vindictive ghost, the ex who tried to come back and the soldier who didn’t.
Whatever the style, Cliff's music is unique and his style memorable.