Cliff Abbott - Singer-Songwriter

For many years, Cliff’s approach to songwriting has been to create them, make studio-quality recordings as the budget allowed, and then hand out a ton of CDs to relatives, friends, and anyone who might know anyone who might be interested in recording a song.

It’s an approach that was mildly successful. Larry Sparks, Lindsay Lawler, Maggie Mae and a few others included Cliff’s songs on various recorded projects.

Cliff, meanwhile, concentrated his performance efforts on playing the upright bass for several Alabama-based groups, joining regional favorites like the Uplander Singing Band and Cottonmouth Creek while sitting in as needed with many others.

While he enjoyed playing the bass and performing in a band setting, Cliff still dreamed of taking his songwriting a step further. Networking was a problem, since he didn’t live in Nashville and didn’t have a budget that permitted travel to expensive conferences and conventions.

In 2014, Cliff changed his approach to promoting his music. He decided to bring his songs directly to the public as a performing songwriter. He released two new CDs, “My Alabama Home” featuring Americana selections and “Waiting on a Train,” a Gospel compilation. The albums were made combining new compositions with remastered versions of songs previously recorded as demos and adding some older works that he had previously recorded as a part of the Gospel Duo “Sons of the One.”

Additionally, he offered a remastered version of “The Dogwoods are White,” an album of songs previously distributed as demo recordings.

Cliff plans to continue performing with his friends in Cottonmouth Creek, who will be performing some of his works.

He is also accepting bookings for both solo and full-band shows, at churches, singer-songwriter and other venues.